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  l In Apr. 1996  Established the joint venture-Dalian Bohai Nippei Machine tool Corp. with Nippei Toyama Corp.(NTC) of Japan. l In Jun. 1996  Imported NTC's technology in full scale. l In Apr. 1997  Exported 4 sets of BH4S machining center for Toyota/USA by co-producing with NTC. l In Dec. 1997  Equipped with 25 sets of CAD and completed FAW Daewoo Project and resold CAD drawings to Japan. l In Nov. 1998  Passed ISO9001 quality system certification and the UKAS certification by CCQS. l In Apr. 1999  Supplied the intake manifold flexible processing line composed of 4 sets of BH4S modular units for Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi Automobile Engine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. l In Mar. 2000  Renamed as Dalian Yida Nippei Machine Tool Corp. l In Aug. 2000  Supplied 6 sets of machining centers(4S,4K,5S)for Tianjin FAW Xiali Automotive Internal Combustion Engine Co.,Ltd. and Dongfeng Honda Auto Parts Co.,Ltd. l In Dec. 2001  Supplied 3 sets of flexible processing lines of cylinder blocks machining for Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co.,Ltd. l In Aug. 2002  Supplied FAW Wuxi Diesel Engine Works with 17 sets of machining centers and flexible transfer line for machining cylinder heads. l In Sep. 2002  Gained ISO9001(2000 version) quality system certification. l In Oct. 2002  Supplied Dongfeng Motor Corporation with 4 sets of BH5S machining centers. l In Apr. 2003  Obtained the title of Top Ten Enterprises of Building Famous Brand by China Machine Tool & Tool Builders Association (CMTBA). l In Aug. 2003  Provided Dongfeng Honda Engine Co., Ltd. with 9 sets of flexible combined machine tools with NC exchangeable turret boxes. l In Dec. 2003  Provided Shanghai Maple Engine Co.,Ltd. with13 sets of machining centers and 13 sets of special purpose machines for machining the cylinder blocks & heads. l In Jan. 2004  Gained the title of  2004 - 2005 Famous Product of Liaoning Province. l In Jun. 2004  Provided Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. with 1 set of flexible processing line for cylinder blocks and 1 set of flexible processing line (composed of machining centers) for cylinder heads. l In Dec. 2004  Provided FAW Toyota (Changchun) Engine Co., Ltd with the flexible processing lines composed of 20 sets of high-speed machining centers for cylinder heads machining. l In Jan. 2005  TH-series of flexible combined machine tool with NC exchangeable tilted turret head boxes was granted the Golden Prize of Dalian Scientific & Technological Development. l In Feb. 2005  Provided Panasonic Home Appliances (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. with 28 sets of special purpose machines used for processing parts of compressors; provided 70 sets of special purpose machines for compressor industry in total. l In Mar. 2005  Provided Geely Merrie Automobile Co., Ltd. with cylinder block & head flexible processing lines composed of 25 sets of machining cen ters and 4 sets of flexible processing lines. l In Mar. 2005  Renamed as Yida Nippei Machine Tool Corp. l In Jun. 2005  TH-series of flexible combined machine tool with NC exchangeable tilted turret head boxes was certified as National Key Scientific & Technological New Product. l In Oct. 2005  Supplied Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co.,Ltd. with the first world-class parallel flexible processing line composed of machining centers thorough automatically. l In Apr. 2006  Celebrated YNC’s 10-year anniversary. l In Jun. 2006  Provided Dongfeng Honda Automotive Co.,Ltd with cylinder block machining autoline consisted of by TH turret and machining center. l In May. 2007  Gained the title of Famous Product of Liaoning Province during 2007-2009. l In Jun. 2007  Cylinder head in-line machining system ,which is designed by YNC , was exported to Tata Cummins Ltd in India. l In Sep. 2007  Provided SINOTRUK Hangzhou Engine Branch Company with cylinder block and crank unit machining autoline for heavy type  automotive. l In Jun. 2009  Provided engine cylinder block , cylinder head and crank shaft line for the self-owned brand project of  Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. l In Apr. 2010  Provided KV12/16 large-scale diesel engine cylinder block machining equipment for Chongqing Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. l In Sep. 2010  The Certificates of Famous-Brand Products both in Dalian and in Liaoning Province were awarded to YNC by Dalian Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. l In Jan. 2012  YNC passed the quality certification of ISO9001:2008. l In May. 2013, YNC won the recognition of KOMATSU NTC Industrial Machinery Enterprise commend first time. l In Oct.. 2014, YNC was presented with the “National high-tech enterprises” title. l In Dec. 2015 Pushed environment system authentication actively, and took measures to lighten the burden of environment, reached Clean Production. Passed ISO14001 audits successfully. l In May.  2016 The celebration of YNC jointed venture 20 years.